March 01, 2020 The Marketing Issue

Should You Start a Podcast?

How to decide whether a podcast as a marketing tool makes sense for you, and practical tips for getting started.

Sam Glover

So, you want to start a podcast. Maybe you heard it’s a good idea. But you can’t just go start a podcast and expect new clients to come calling any more than you can with a blog or a YouTube channel.

Why should you listen to me about making a podcast? Well, on the one hand, I host The Lawyerist Podcast, and it’s pretty popular, especially among small-firm lawyers. On the other hand, I’m not trying to get clients from my podcast; I’m trying to reach small-firm lawyers who want to build successful, future-oriented law firms. On the other other hand, I’ve talked with plenty of lawyer-podcasters who are trying to get clients from their podcasts. In this article I’ll draw on what I know about making a podcast lots of people listen to as well as what I’ve learned from lawyers about what it takes to get clients with a podcast.

The Audience

First, you should consider the audience you hope to attract. Who do you believe will listen to your podcast, subscribe to it and become a client or a source of referrals? And do those people even listen to podcasts? For context, according to a 2019 Edison Research survey, about a third of the U.S. population listened to a podcast in the past month and about a fifth in the past week, but your target demographic may vary.

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