January 01, 2020

Bring Your 'A' Game

Applying lessons from athletes to perform your best as a law firm.

Catherine Sanders Reach

Lawyers must continually hone their skills in the practice of law, learning and adapting in an ever-changing landscape of statutes, regulations and opinions. That need to continuously improve is not unlike that of athletes and sports teams—even if they reach the pinnacle of success, athletes must strive to again achieve that mark the following year. In the meantime, their competition does not sit idle, as they too must practice and perfect their abilities to stay competitive.

In much the same way, law firms must also commit to continual improvement of their business practices. Practice management skills, procedures, tools and techniques are the essential means for firms to perform to the best of their ability and to effectively and efficiently serve clients while seeking to be profitable and achieve work and life satisfaction.

In Training

Athletes have a variety of ways to improve their strength and ability, and many of the tools they use have not dramatically changed over the years. However, while they may still use weights to increase muscle mass, the way they use these tools has changed as they find smarter and more efficient ways to exercise.


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