January/February 2020

Product Watch

Using Documate to Automate Document Creation

Daniel J. Siegel

When I heard about Start-up Alley at ABA TECHSHOW, I thought of all the wonderful things that start-up businesses could invent to make my world easier. Of course, being a lawyer whose office prepares lots of documents, my mind turned to ways to streamline more how we create our documents.

We have tried document assembly products in the past with limited success. Luckily, one booth in Start-up Alley offered a solution to this ongoing nagging problem that has plagued my office forever. We are proud of all the ways we automate our processes to streamline client services, yet we continue to do far less when it comes to automating the creation of frequently drafted documents.

I wandered over to the Documate booth and discovered a solution to cure our bad habit of copying older documents, changing names and other identifying information and saving them. In other words, this product, designed to automate the document creation process, could prevent us from using a document created for one client as a template for another, and then hoping we made all the necessary changes and didn’t inadvertently overwrite our original document.

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