July/August 2020

Taking the Lead

Leadership Does Not Take a Snow Day

Linda Klein and John Hinton IV

When leaders go above and beyond the call of duty, particularly without regard to how those acts will be perceived by others, they serve as an inspiration. A recent Law.com article highlights such an act of service and leadership by a law school dean. The article recounts how Joshua Fershée, the dean of the Creighton University School of Law, handled a recent snow day. The storm closed local schools, but not the university. That meant the possibility of no classes for law school students with school-aged children.

Fershée recognized the importance of attendance and did not want any of the law students to miss class because they were unable to find child care. His solution was to watch any children who had nowhere else to go so their parents could attend class. He cleared his calendar and offered his day care services at the law school for the day. Although most affected students were able to find alternative care, Fershée’s day care had two students that day, which was a relief to their parents who were able to attend class. Fershée’s story struck us as an example of leadership to emulate.

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