July/August 2020

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Big Ideas From the Law Practice Division

Zachary Bambacht

The Law Practice Division continues to be home of some of the biggest ideas within the ABA. It is core to who we are and the members we serve. As a Division we are focused on practice management, marketing, finance and technology. It is our relationship with technology and our tech-related content that helps to best serve our members about technology’s ever-expanding role within their practice areas. The ABA TECHSHOW continues to be a showcase of big ideas, including the Start-up Pitch Competition, our CLE and programs, and Expo Hall. Our Division continues to invest and showcase legal start-ups, and this year’s Start-up Pitch Competition featured 15 innovative entries. The top three winners for this year’s 2020 TECHSHOW competition were Billseye, SimplyConvert and Woodpecker. Once the competition concluded, each start-up was featured and available in the Start-Up Alley in the Expo Hall. Don’t forget to save the dates for next year’s show, March 10-13, 2021.

Our Division Publishing Board continues to capture big ideas in books that we offer at a discounted rate to all ABA members.

Our newest titles include:

  • Automating Legal Services: Justice Through Technology by Hugh Logue. This incisive new title breaks down why automated legal services should be embraced, not feared, and how to implement them in your firm. By harnessing the powerful role of automation at the intersection where content, technology and the law meet, firms can focus on more valuable legal tasks and help close the justice gap.
  • Worldox in One Hour for Lawyers (Third Ed.) by John Heckman. This updated and revised edition from a best-selling ABA author and law-firm technology expert covers the many new features added to Worldox GX4 in its 2019 update, including changes to Outlook integration and a new document indexer.
  • The Lawyer’s Guide to Increasing Revenue (Third Ed.) by Arthur G. Greene and Peter D. Roberts. This newly updated third edition describes the specific policies, guidelines and tasks to implement for greater financial success. By focusing on strengthening client satisfaction, improving firm morale and enhancing revenue, your firm will leave less money on the table and increase profits without cutting costs.

But the big ideas for our published books are not just limited to print. Most of you know by now that our books are available for e-book readers, in both Amazon/Kindle and Apple/iTunes formats. But we are most excited to tell you about the ABA’s first published audiobook:

Fix It: How History, Sports, and Education Can Inform Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Today by Kenneth O. C. Imo. Why does the profession find itself in the precarious position of having self-imposed barriers in place that work against its best efforts?

You can download the first-ever audiobook created by ABA Publishing on Google Play, iTunes, Nook, OverDrive, Chirp and more. It’s been a special year for our publishing program and our partnership with ABA Publishing.

The Law Practice Division continues to be a home for big ideas and innovation. We hope you are a member and participate with us on the next big ideas for the Division, ABA and profession. If you are not a member, we are an included value of your ABA membership; you can opt in at no additional cost. We look forward to what our new bar year has in store!

Zachary Bambacht


Zachary Bambacht is the director of the ABA Law Practice Division in Chicago.