July/August 2020

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My Top 12 Growth Predictions for the Post-COVID Days

Lance G. Johnson

The old adage goes that “technology changes faster than people do.” I understand this to mean that the gadgets and communications technologies that might facilitate more information exchange will not substantially affect the ways that people think and react to such additional information. This is a comforting proposition because it means that many of the legal issues we will be facing are likely to be based on the “fit” between the new technologies and the way people currently act.

As I write this, the nation is still in the middle of the COVID-19 shut-ins with a limited number of stores open, supply chains stressed (at best) and disrupted (at worst), and everyone who can working remotely. Those who cannot work remotely bear the brunt of the risks from a virus that can infect others days before a carrier ever has symptoms. The only thing that seems to curtail the spread is isolation, to the detriment of forcibly closed businesses and suddenly unemployed staff. A viable vaccine seems many months away.

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