July/August 2020

Future Proofing

Lessons on Transformation From the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dan Pinnington and Reid Trautz

As we write this column, updates on how COVID-19 has affected the world proliferate in our news feeds, from the stock market crashing to government-mandated social distancing and stay-at-home orders. On the personal fronts, our thoughts and prayers are focused on the health and safety of our families and friends, and a strong hope that we’ve minimized loss of life by the time you read this.

On the professional front, we’ve seen huge transformations in how work is being done in our respective workplaces, and at the law firms that AILA and LAWPRO serve. In response to the pandemic, there has been a massive and sudden shift to a fulltime, remote-working environment for most law firms. Necessity is the mother of invention and by any measure, a major transformation agent for most law firms. Looking back, we think there are some important lessons to be learned.

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