September/October 2019

Product Watch

A Case Citator with Features Litigators Want and Need

Daniel J. Siegel

One of the many reasons for my attending TECHSHOW is to roam through the Exposition Hall to discover new tools that make my professional life easier. While perusing all the vendors this year, I happened upon a booth at the back corner of the hall touting a product called ezBriefs, part of a package by Benchly. I was intrigued, and stopped by, and took a test drive of the product, which allowed me to upload a brief or other legal document and quickly find, view and print cases cited in the document.

It worked, so I obtained a login and began to use the tool when I returned to my office. In short, this tool has saved me a lot of time, and it helps in other ways I never thought about. Benchly is a secure web-based service that allows users to upload documents such as a brief or motion and verify if all the citations are correct. Even better, it will compile all the cases cited in the document, combine them into one PDF and then let me download them to my computer. Plus the site uses artificial intelligence to determine if there are additional relevant cases or if an authority has been overruled.

As a litigator with a heavy appellate caseload, my first priority was finding a product that quickly compiled and allowed me to read every case cited in my brief and my opposing counsel’s brief so that I could prepare for oral argument. In the past this meant a law clerk, an associate or I would have to log in to Lexis or Westlaw, search for each case cited and then download it, repeating the process for each case or citation. Not anymore. Benchly does that for me.

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