November/December 2019

Product Watch

Speed Up with TextExpander

Heidi S. Alexander

In my previous Product Watch column, I revealed a proofreading tool, PerfectIt, that helps lawyers to save time, reduce mistakes and improve their quality of work. I tend to focus a lot on these three tenets because (1) it’s likely that you are either not billing enough during the day or you are billing enough but working 24/7 (or, maybe you are not billing enough and you are working 24/7); or (2) a mistake in your practice will cost time, money and potentially your license; and (3) you likely joined this noble profession to help others, and do it well.

Introducing TextExpander

Now what technological productivity tool do I have up my sleeve for you this time around? It’s a fantastic product that’s been around for a while, but initially was only available for Macs. Talk to a real Mac guru and chances are he or she is using TextExpander. But, don’t worry, Windows users, this product is now available for you too!

Why this tool? What can it do for you? TextExpander, developed by Smile, touts itself as a “productivity multiplier, a knowledge base from which you communicate quickly and accurately across your devices.” Wow, that sounds quite impressive, and it is. But, in fact, it’s a very simple tool at its core that works by using keyboard shortcuts to insert “snippets” of text, thus lessening the amount of typing you need to do. Ultimately, it helps you minimize mundane tasks and maximize substantive (billable) work. 

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