November/December 2019

What Keeps Small-Firm Managing Partners Up at Night?

Five small-firm managing partners discuss the issues facing their firms.

Debra L. Bruce

Many aspects of the practice of law have changed rapidly over the last 10 years. Have the concerns of managing partners of small firms also changed? At the request of Law Practice magazine’s editorial board, I interviewed five managing partners of small firms ranging in size from seven to 25 attorneys to see what they worry about and where they focus their time as managing partners.

The managing partners are:

  • Matthew Driggs of Driggs Bills & Day, also known as The Advocates, a 25-attorney firm with offices in Salt Lake City, Seattle and seven smaller locations in five states. The firm also has 80 staff members and focuses on personal injury work.
  • Debra D’Agostino of the Federal Practice Group, a 13-attorney firm in Washington, D.C., with eight staff members. The firm practices federal employment law, government contracts, military law and immigration law.
  • Miguel Danielson of Danielson Legal LLC, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Fargo, North Dakota. His firm has 11 attorneys and two staff members. They practice intellectual property and technology law.
  • Mike H. Bassett of The Bassett Firm in Dallas, a civil trial defense firm. They have 10 attorneys and 17 staff members.
  • Raquel A. Salas Guzman of Avanti Law Group, PLLC, located in Wyoming, Michigan. They have seven full-time attorneys, two contract attorneys and 23 full-time staff. They practice criminal defense, immigration, employment law, family law and civil litigation.
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