March/April 2019

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Marketing and the Law Practice Division

Zachary Bambacht

The Law Practice Division (LP) supports our members and legal community in four key areas—management, finance, technology and marketing. In this issue we are focusing on marketing and the importance it plays in our professional lives. It’s also important to understand how marketing interacts with our other three core areas:

  • Management. How does your practice attract and retain clients? What strategies does your firm have in place for business development?
  • Finance. Investment in marketing strategies and programs should offer a measurable return. How are you going to track and measure your acquisition costs?
  • Technology. Are you keeping up with some of the advances in marketing technology? How are you using social media? Do you run AdWords campaigns? What marketing automation tool(s) do you use?

If these questions were easy for you to answer, we have resources to help complement your efforts. If they were more challenging, we likewise have resources to support you in obtaining a fundamental understanding of each area.


The ABA TECHSHOW continues to feature the latest in marketing, marketing-related legal technologies and marketing tracks focused on promoting your practice. The ABA TECHSHOW EXPO continues to expand, with more leading legal tech companies marketing and promoting their products and services. The EXPO Hall features all the service providers and product makers relevant in legal technology, from start-ups to long-time trusted brands. Your TECHSHOW pass will give you a first look at what’s new and help you find real solutions that fit your practice.

ABA Women Rainmakers

The ABA Women Rainmakers Committee’s mission is to educate professional women about marketing and business development, to provide mentoring opportunities for members and to provide networking opportunities to build personal and professional relationships.


LP has published more than 100 titles, many of which are specifically focused on marketing. Our marketing titles include:

Marketing Success: How Did She Do That? Women Lawyers Show You How to Move Beyond Tips to Implementation takes marketing from “what to do” to “how it is done successfully.” The book covers best practices in the legal industry through interviews with women rainmakers on how they succeeded using the most current approaches to marketing and business development.
The Lawyer’s Guide to Marketing on the Internet (Fourth Ed.) will transform your website, email, social media and overall online marketing strategy! Get closer to your target prospects and clients in ways that are proven and meaningful to buyers of legal services. Choose from a mix of tools that will measurably move the needle.

Do you have a unique subject matter expertise related to marketing and its role in practice management? Consider writing a book for LP! For our Book Proposal Form and to take advantage of your member discount on marketing-focused law practices, visit here.

Thank you for dedication to practice management and willingness to grow in the discipline of marketing. We’d like to thank you again for being members of the ABA and LP. Remember, more resources are available at our website at

Zachary Bambacht

Zachary Bambacht is the director of the ABA Law Practice Division in Chicago.