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The Management Issue

May/June 2018


Is Managing Lawyers Like Herding Cats?
Managing partners need to get their cats to play together nicely.
By Andrew Elowitt

Information Security: What Is Management's Role?
Management must create an information security plan and ensure firm-wide adherence to it.
By Matthew E. Eilers

A Delicate Touch: Helping Lawyers Retire With Dignity
Firm managers must have tactful conversations with senior lawyers if their faculties begin to diminish.
By Cameron Vann

Natural Disasters: One Is on Its Way Toward You
Law firms need to evaluate their needs and readiness in case the worst should happen.
By Mara M. Erlach and Michael Shklovsky

Motivating Employees: Is There an App for That?
Nope, there's no app yet. But follow these five steps and inspire your employees to do their best.
By John Meredith

Planning Ahead for Injury or Death

How solos can prepare for unanticipated events.
By K. William Gibson

THANKS TO OUR ISSUE TEAM: Debra Bruce and Cynthia Thomas


Editor's Note 

Pulling Together Toward a Common Goal
By Heidi A. Barcus


Managers Respond to a Shifting Legal Landscape
By Bill Ferreira



Meeting the Needs of the Middle Market
By Trevor Clarke

Simple Steps

Improving Communication to Increase Employee Engagement
By Allison C. Shields


A Privilege Case: Two Analogies, Two Morals
By Lucian T. Pera

News & Events

Managing the Maximum LP Experience
By Zachary Bambacht


Product Watch

Better Litigation Analysis and E-Discovery? Try CaseMap 13
By Robert J. Ambrogi

Hot Buttons

Cyber Insurance: Necessary, Expensive and Confusing as Hell
By Sharon D. Nelson & John W. Simek

The Digital Toolkit

Automating Your Web Activities
By Tom Mighell



Build a Strong Legacy by Being a Good Firm Ancestor
By Thomas C. Grella

Career Steps

Managing for Women Lawyers' Success
By Wendy L. Werner


Creating an Associate Marketing Program
By Greg Siskind


Evidence for the Consecution
By Peter Roberts

Practice Management Advice

Building the Perfect Law Firm
By Jim Calloway

Taking the Lead

Shared Experiences Engender Insular Thinking
By Karen MacKay