November/December 2018

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The Perfect Headset? Try the Leitner LH270.

Debbie Foster

I admit it: I have a headset graveyard. For at least 10 years, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect headset. When I am in the office, I’m on my phone for at least six of the hours I sit at my desk, so battery life is critical for me. But so is the quality when it comes to the distance I can wander, noise cancellation, sound quality, microphone quality and the feel of the headset when I’m wearing it.

I feel like I’ve tried them all. I’ve even tried some more than once. Some have been terrible, others mediocre, and none has been as awesome as the one I discovered a few months back.

The search for a new headset started when my last one died in the middle of a conference call that I’d initiated. I plugged it in to charge, got my Jabra SPEAK 410 (I seriously cannot live without this device) plugged in and got back on the call with everyone. I told them what had happened, and we spent the next five minutes complaining about headsets. Turns out, I’m not the only one who is regularly frustrated with my headset choices.

One important thing to note: I’ve not had a phone on my desk for five years. Our company uses Skype for Business for our phone system. We have an auto attendant, call routing, full voicemail capabilities, conference calling, meetings, presence (which reads my Outlook calendar and sets my availability accordingly), instant messaging and so much more. Best of all, my “desk phone” is with me everywhere I go, including as an app on my smartphone.

Starting the Search

Google to the rescue. I started searching “top-rated headsets for Skype for Business,” “headset with best battery life” and “headsets that don’t let you down.” You get the point. After 45 minutes or so, I’d looked at a bunch of models, had already owned most of them and wasn’t happy with them, and the ones I had not owned weren’t impressive. So I quit searching.

A few hours later I hopped onto Facebook, and the first thing I see is an ad for a headset, for a brand I wasn’t familiar with. And, in a worlds-colliding moment, the ad had a marketing quote from someone I actually knew that said, “Love it! I replaced my old [insert brand name here] with the Leitner LH270, and I’m getting much better wireless range and clarity.” Being suspicious, and believing that it might really be true that Facebook knows everything, I decided to email Keith, to whom the quote was attributed, and ask him if he really had that headset, if he really did review it and if he really did like it.

His response: “Funny! Yes, I love my headset and how this company operates! If you love Tootsie Rolls, you better order this headset! And I love Tootsie Rolls.” It sounded like a match made in heaven: a headset that worked really well from a range and quality perspective, and Tootsie Rolls, which happen to be one of my favorite candies.

A couple of days later, two boxes showed up at my office. I opened one and it contained the headset and about 25 Tootsie Roll Midgees. I opened the second box, and it was full of Tootsie Roll Midgees. So ... I’m immediately in love.

The first thing I take out of the headset box is a card that tells me I am awesome, and that if I need anything, including more Tootsie Rolls, to give them a call. That same day I also received an email from informing me I have a Headset Concierge, his name is Joe, and I can reach him anytime at the phone number they provided. I put that aside, thinking I might need it later, if I had problems.

All It Needs is a Charge

The headset is simple to set up and took about five minutes to get it ready to go. I don’t normally read directions, but I thought I would browse through the Quick Start Guide, just in case. There are four steps in the guide, and the first says to plug in the headset and let it charge for four hours. My headset was already plugged in, so I glanced over at it, and three of the four battery indicator lights were lit. I decided to ignore that step. I confirmed I’d done the other steps and decided to make my first call. It didn’t work. Can you hear me now? I was frustrated—yet again—with a headset. So I ate a Tootsie Roll and moved on to a call that was on my calendar with my trusty Jabra, then went to lunch.

When I returned, I decided to see if I could fix the problem by calling my Headset Concierge. Before I called Joe, however, I tried it one more time, and it turned out there was something to that charge-for-four-hours instruction in Step 1. My headset worked perfectly. And it has ever since, with no problems at all. In fact, it’s a joy to be able to rely on my headset every time I put it on!

The LH270’S Best Features

Listed below is everything about this headset that I just love:

  1. Sound quality. It’s the best I’ve ever experienced. And the volume buttons are easy to adjust on the earpiece.
  2. Range. Leitner says the headset stays connected up to 350 feet away from the base, and that is absolutely true. Once you get close to out of range, you hear warning beeps. And, if you walk past that and then go back to within the range, it reconnects automatically as long as this occurs within five minutes.
  3. Microphone. I often get up from my desk to refill my coffee while I’m on the headset, and I’ll apologize beforehand for any noise people might hear as I do. Yet it’s not uncommon for people to comment that my headset microphone is very clear and does a great job of silencing background noise. In fact, sometimes there’s quite a bit of noise outside my office and the person I’m speaking to cannot hear it. And the mute button is also easily accessible, and it beeps every eight seconds to let you know you’re still on mute.
  4. Battery life. Eight hours of talk time is what the specifications say. Yet I’ve gone for up to nine hours without charging the headset, with absolutely no issues.
  5. Works with nearly any phone. I don’t use an actual phone, but the list of phones it works with is extensive. And, if you’re using a phone, you can purchase a handset lifter and a busy indicator light so others know when you are on a call.
  6. Comfort. The headset has a very comfortable earpiece. I can wear it all day with no issues. The headset also comes in a dual ear model (LH275) and an on-the-ear model (LH280).
  7. Support. Through, support is always free. I called them, and they answered within a minute. I didn’t have any questions, so I don’t know about the quality of the support, but the fact that they answer quickly and pride themselves on unlimited free support, for as long as you own the product, says something.
  8. Warranty. Since I did not have any questions for support, I asked them about the five-year full replacement warranty. They explained that they have a 60-day, no-questions-asked return policy. You can return the headset for any reason within 60 days and they will pay the shipping. Leitner headsets have an industry-leading five-year replacement warranty. If anything at all goes wrong with your headset, or it breaks, they will replace it, no questions asked, for free.

There has to be a downside, right? Well, the only thing I can come up with is that it is the most expensive headset I’ve ever bought. On Amazon, it retails for $288.28 (as of this writing). It might not be the most expensive headset out there, but when sorted by price, highest to lowest, it is on page 1 of 15. But, I have to say, I’ve no regrets. It’s worth every penny.

And did I mention the box of Tootsie Rolls?

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Debbie Foster

Debbie Foster is a partner with Affinity Consulting and is based in Tampa, Florida. She consults with law firms around the country on efficiency, process automation, and technology. Email her.