Law Practice Magazine | Best of 2012

This special electronic issue of Law Practice contains a selection of the best articles from the six issues we published in 2012.


Social Media Networking For Lawyers: A Practical Guide to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Blogging
By Simon Chester and Daniel Del Gobbo
Law Practice, January/February 2012
Learn how you can use one or more of the main four social media channels to connect with clients and market your services.


Useful Social Media Resources
By Dan Pinnington and Steve Matthews
Law Practice, January/February 2012
A collection of great resources to help you learn more about social media.


Essential Technology in a Solo or Small Office
By Marc W. Matheny
Law Practice, March/April 2012
An overview of the essential, affordable and indispensable technology that should be used in every small practice.


Working Remotely: 10 Tools That Turn Dreams Into Realities
By Donna Neff and Natalie Sanna
Law Practice, March/April 2012
You can work at court, a coffee shop, your cottage or any other place you want to be - this article shows you the tools and how to do it.


The Fine Art of Practicing Law on a Mac
By Ben Stevens and Randall A. Juip
Law Practice, March/April 2012
All the hardware and software options you need to know about to run a law office on a Mac.


Tablet Power: Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your iPad
By Tom Mighell
Law Practice, March/April 2012
Discover how an iPad can help with all sorts of tasks that can increase your efficiency and productivity.


Avoid a Malpractice Claim Using Time Management Tools
By Dan Pinnington
Law Practice, May/June 2012
Here's how you can use technology to reduce your exposure to one of the biggest causes of malpractice claims: missed deadlines and procrastination.


15 Proven Profitability Techniques
By Joel A. Rose
Law Practice, July/August 2012
Learn how you can be more profitable without billing more hours and charging higher rates.


Gengagement: A Multigenerational Approach to Engagement and Retention
By Phyllis Weiss Haserot
Law Practice, September/October 2012
Strategies and techniques for improving how you interact, engage, and retain employees of different generations.


The Essential Value of Client Feedback
By Thames Schoenvogel
Law Practice, November/December 2012
How you can get client feedback and find out what your clients really value the most in their relationships with you.


Trends Report - Client Service Comes Before Cross-Selling
By Robert W. Denney
Law Practice, July/August 2012
Learn how growing your practice starts with top-drawer service to you existing clients.


Simple Steps - I'd Rather Do It Myself!
By Laura A. Calloway
Law Practice, November/December 2012
Don't try to do it all yourself- learn how delegation can help you get more done.


Hot Buttons - Preventing Law Firm Data Breaches
By John W. Simek and Sharon D. Nelson
Law Practice, January/February 2012
A collection of things you need to do to prevent law firm data breaches and ensure the safety of your data.


Web 2.0 - Choose the Right Case Management Software
By Erik Mazzone
Law Practice, July/August 2012
Picking the right practice management software will supercharge you and your practice.


Managing - Timeliness: An Integral Component of Client Service
By Jennifer Ator
Law Practice, November/December 2012
Keep clients happy with prompt and comprehensive responses to their questions and needs.


Practice Management Advice - Managing the Perception of Value
By Ann Guinn
Law Practice, September/October 2012
Avoid the "free kitty" syndrome, and learn how to nail the exit interview.


Career Steps - Get the Most from the Meeting
By Wendy L. Werner
Law Practice, March/April 2012
Learn to think strategically about the ways you can get the most out of the meetings and events you attend.


Marketing - Engaging Associates in Business Development
By Sally J. Schmidt
Law Practice, September/October 2012
Great ideas on how partners can support associates in their marketing and business development efforts.


Finance - Focusing on Your Net Income
By Peter D. Roberts
Law Practice, November/December 2012
Strategies for managing your time and energy are critical for law firm leaders.


Taking the Lead - Time: Find, Manage, Protect It
By Karen MacKay
Law Practice, May/June 2012
Strategies for managing your time and your energy are critical.

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