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Law Practice Division


The Law Practice Division Outreach Committee focuses on promoting the growth of the Division via its two branches: Membership and Recognition and Partnerships.

The Outreach committee, via its two branches, recruits new members, engages current members, and encourages more members to become active in the work of the Division. The two branches of Outreach meet regularly to discuss policies and promotions that will increase membership including an annual membership plan and makes recommendations to the Council based upon the same.

Chair: Traci Ray

Memberships and Recognition

Vice-Chair: Jason Long

Committee Members

  • Tom Bolt
  • John Bowers
  • Meagan Davis Collver
  • Katy Goshtasbi
  • Andrea Hartley
  • Jeannine Lambert
  • Adriana Linares
  • Tom Mighell
  • Matt Potempa


Vice-Chair: Lori Hymowitz

Committee Members

  • Leonika Charging-Davidson
  • Sofia Lingos
  • Jason Long