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Law Practice Division

Legal Project Management

The Legal Project Management Committee evaluates, educates and informs members of the bar relative to the evolving area of legal project management and provide guidance on the use of legal project management to improve attorney-client relationships and the delivery of services.

The Legal Project Management Committee works to encourage a closer adherence to ethical standards; the implementation of process improvement techniques to streamline and improve the efficiency of legal practice matters; the use of project management information systems to capture, manage, report and evaluate case management activities; the evolution of the “legal project manager” in law firms, law departments and legal vendors; the integration of legal process outsourcing into legal service offerings, and the development of best practices and training in legal project management.


Chair: Andrea Malone

Committee Members

  • Meagan Davis Collver
  • Bill Ferreria
  • Nicholas Gaffney
  • Walt Karnstein
  • Natalie Kelly
  • Andrea Malone
  • Matt Potempa
  • Ramón L. Viñas-Bueso