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Leadership Resource Center Portal

Lawyer Leadership Sample Repository

A wide array of forms and policy resources for lawyers and law firm leaders to manage and lead a law firm. Topics include organizational form, accounting and billing, job descriptions, facilities lease, ethics and professionalism, strategic opportunities procedures, management and committee structures, lawyer and personnel evaluation, attorney advancement, retirement and quality of life.

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Leadership Publications and Writings

An organized list of books, articles, and other resources on leadership and management for the legal profession. Listed items come from both within and outside the ABA and have been categorized by topic for easy reference and access.

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Leadership Programming

An organized listing of online leadership and management educational resources, including both interactive educational programs (including the Law Practice Division Mastermind Series), webinars (CLE qualified and non-CLE) and podcasts.

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Lawyer Leader Collaborative Engagement

Supportive communication among those experiencing similar, and often difficult, challenges in law firm leadership is hard to find. We cordially invite you to join our Managing Partners Community to ask questions of other managing partners, share ideas and concerns, and add your voice to the community. Rather than create yet another new login to remember, our community is a private unlisted group on LinkedIn, a platform used by 97% of lawyers according to the 2022 ABA Technology Report. To join, please visit us via this link to request personal access to the group. Our administrators will review your request and provide access to any law firm managing partner regardless of ABA membership. Feel free to share the link with other managing partners; only managing partners and those in similar law firm leadership roles (managing shareholder, lawyer CEO, etc.) will be admitted to this private group.