Law Practice Division

Lawyer Leadership & Management

The Lawyer Leadership and Management Committee of the Law Practice Division provides a forum for practical information, discussion, and programs relevant to the management of law firms and legal organizations.

From recruitment and staffing to compensation and billing rates, Lawyer Leadership & Management reviews all issues concerning the administration of law firms and legal organizations, including client relations from retention through disengagement, and equips lawyers with the vision, knowledge, and skills necessary to serve as leaders in the profession and in the community as a whole. The Committee also raises awareness of the broad range of issues and challenges facing leadership and management in the practice of law.


Co-Chair: Thomas Grella

Co-Chair: Cynthia Thomas

Committee Members

  • Lisle R. Baker
  • John Bowers
  • Tom D’Amore
  • Andrew Elowitt
  • Jeana Goosmann
  • Sandra Havrilak
  • Luke Ihnen
  • Susan Letterman-White
  • Sofia Lingos
  • Andrea Malone
  • Michele Powers
  • Smita Rajmohan
  • Francesca Rothseid
  • Marcia Wasserman
  • Wendy Werner
  • Patrick Wright
  • Robert Young

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