Law Practice Division

Law Firm Finance

The Law Firm Finance Committee reviews market trends, revenue and profitability issues for law firms, capital structure, buy in obligations and withdrawal entitlements, retirement and succession planning, client drivers, resources management, leveraging technology, performance management, and risk management.

The Law Firm Finance Committee also concerns itself with the fundamentals of law firm accounting, including maximizing law firm financial reports, developing programs to improve law firm profitability, utilization of operating statistics as a management tool, developing risk management policies, designing attorney compensation programs, addressing retirement options, and establishing a long-range law firm financial planning.


Co-Chair: Britt Lorish

Co-Chair: Peter Roberts

Vice Chair: George Leloudis

Committee Members

  • Janis Alexander
  • David Ambrose
  • Aman Bagga
  • Steven Best
  • John Bowers
  • Staten Middleton