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Law Practice Division Fellowship Program

A Law Practice Fellowship can set you on a path to leadership. It is a rare opportunity to raise your professional profile, get involved, and make lasting connections in the ABA.

Click here for the online application for 2021-2022 fellows

About Law Practice Fellowship

Fellowship provides a chance to make lasting connections with industry thought leaders in the business of practicing law. The Fellowship Program expands LP's commitment to recruiting and developing new and diverse lawyers, including members of the ABA Young Lawyers Division (YLD), into future leaders of LP and the ABA. 

For 2020-2021, LP’s Leadership seeks applicants for a two-year term Fellowship. The number of Fellowships given for this term will be three.  The individuals selected will be able to demonstrate prior leadership experience, interest in the LP division, and a commitment to actively participate in LP events, including attendance at all LP Fall and Spring Meetings during the term of their Fellowship.  LP provides Fellows with a generous reimbursement to ensure that attendance is not a financial burden.

LP will actively engage Fellows LP leadership meetings, appoint Fellows to LP Boards and Committees, and encourage them to actively engage in key LP initiatives.  Through their participation, Fellows receive the experience and guidance needed to prepare them for positions of leadership with LP and the ABA.

2017-2019 Fellows

Joshua Camson 
The owner of Camson Law, LLP where he represents clients in all stages of criminal proceedings for charges ranging from Criminal Homicide to Driving Under the Influence.

Alex Chan 
At Tensegrity Law Group, Alex focuses his practice on patent litigation and represents clients in guarding their key products and services both by enforcing patent rights and defending against patent infringement allegations.

David Nguyen
The Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, Higher Education Program, for the UND College of Education & Human Development. He is also an Affiliate Assistant Professor of Law, for the UND School of Law. 

Celina Stewart|
Currently an antitrust attorney with a passion for civil rights. As an antitrust attorney she has been involved in several of the most high-profile airline and telecommunication. She is also a career volunteer and devotes many hours outside of work trying to move law and legislation toward a more equitable society and bring awareness to issues that create inequity. 

2018-2020 Fellows

Marwa Elbially
She is a solo practitioner who concentrates primarily on immigration but has taken on several criminal and civil cases as well. Given her fluency in Arabic and the great need for immigration attorneys within her community, she has assisted many clients with immigration issues.

Shenique Moss
Currently works as Assistant Commission Counsel for Wayne County Commission where she primarily focuses on municipal law, real estate law, economic development law, contract law and public finance law.

Robert Bryson
An "Of Counsel" attorney with Aguirre & Severson, LLP, he works on their large cases and practices in a wide range of areas including: personal injury, business litigation, appellate, administrative, utility, energy, municipal, employment, and the public interest. 


To qualify for the LP Fellowship Program, one must:

  • Be under 37 years old, or practiced at least one (1) year but less than five (5) years, or be diverse as embodied by ABA's Goal III.
  • Have graduated from law school and been practicing law for at least one (1) year.
  • Demonstrated leadership in YLD or another ABA Section, Division, Forum, entity and/or a state, local, or specialty bar association.
  • Demonstrated a history of public service and professional excellence.
  • Demonstrate a strong desire to remain actively engaged in LP beyond the Fellowship term.
  • Commit to attendance at all regularly scheduled LP meetings during their tenure, and to actively engage in all committees or interest groups to which they are assigned. 

Application Process

An online application must be submitted for each candidate along with a current resume and letters of recommendation. The following steps are required to complete the application process:

  1. Read the LP Fellows Program description and gather necessary documents. 
  2. In a single email from the applicant, email Josh Eaton the following:
    1. A letter outlining why the applicant would like to be engaged with LP (can be in the body of the email).
    2. Current resume detailing your work history, bar association participation and other professional and community activities
    3. Two (2) to four (4) letters of recommendation.  Examples include letters from current or former employers or fellow practitioners.
  3. Click here for the online application for 2021-2022's fellows.
  4. Applications must be received on or before April 30, 2021.

For questions regarding the LP Fellows Program, please contact Josh Eaton.

Goal Statement

Each Fellow will be assigned a mentor with whom they will develop a goal statement and work plant to achieve the goals for each bar year they participate as a Fellow.  The statements are due no later than the week prior to the LP Fall Meeting. The finalized goals and work plan shall be e-mailed to the Fellow’s Mentor and the Fellows Section Committee Chair for approval.  Failure to develop and obtain approval of the statements, or to adhere to the goal and work plan, or to attend and participate in LP meetings may result in termination from the Fellowship Program.  Fellows should work with the mentor to address any issues that may prevent them from meeting their goals and action plan, or attend LP meetings.


Fellows should contact their mentors and entity chairs from time-to-time to discuss their input on their participation, how it may be more effective, and request feedback on their progress. The Mentors and Fellowship Selection Committee are responsible to provide Fellows throughout the Fellow’s term. At the end of the Fellowship Program, the Fellows and their mentors will be asked to make suggestions regarding the Fellows’ future involvement in LP activities. 

Through their exposure to LP leaders and by demonstrating their excellent work, Fellows will convey their level of commitment, which should lead to requests for their assistance with additional projects as the Fellow alumni continue their participation in LP.


LP's Commitment to Its Fellows

  • Provide each Fellow reimbursements consistent with Division policy, for attendance at LP Fall and Spring Meetings.
  • Appoint each Fellow to at least two (2) LP boards, committees, or other entities as determined by the LP Chair. The chair of each such LP entity will be asked to provide meaningful and specific work assignments to the Fellow, including contributing material for CLE programs and/or authoring articles for LP publications.
  • Appoint a Mentor for each Fellow as determined by the LP Chair to advise and direct the Fellow with regard to the work and procedures of LP and to provide guidance in order for the Fellow to maximize opportunities for participation and professional development within the Division.
  • Invite Fellows to certain social functions reserved for Division leadership or LP Fellows alumni.

The commitment described above is a contingent one.  To obtain reimbursement and continue as a Fellow, the participant must:

  • Maintain membership in good standing in the ABA and the ABA Law Practice Division.
  • Regularly contact the Fellow’s Mentor, including the scheduling of a meeting with the Mentor at both of the LP Fall and Spring Meetings.
  • Honor commitments made as an LP Fellow.

Fellows' Commitment to LP

  • Fellows are required to attend regularly scheduled LP Meetings. Dates for meetings in the upcoming bar year may be found here. Fellows will receive reimbursement consistent with LP funded positions of no less than $450 for roundtrip travel and per diem of $100 per day for two (2) days at each conference. If you are unable to attend, we ask that you do not apply.
  • Become an active member of two (2) LP Boards or Committees.
  • Participate in an orientation teleconference with the Fellows, their Mentors, and the Fellows Selection Committee Chair as set by the Chair at which time the various LP entities will be discussed and assignments determined.
  • Be actively involved in at least one (1) substantive project of an LP entity and/or produce a significant written work for an LP publication (Law PracticeLaw Practice Today) or blog (Law Technology Today).
  • Remain involved in the activities of the YLD (or be aware of YLD activities if the Fellow has “aged out”) or such other ABA Section, Division, Forum, or entity and/or a state, local, or specialty bar association, and to identify substantive areas of common interest where members of such organizations can participate in the work of LP.
  • Work with the YLD Liaison to LP in recruiting YLD members to join LP or to work with other ABA Section, Division, Forum, or entity and/or a state, local, or specialty bar association in LP recruitment efforts.
  • Participate in all meetings and teleconferences of the assigned LP boards or committees.  In addition to the work described below, participation might also include contributing to the entity’s web page or writing an article. A Fellow’s level of involvement shall be discussed and determined in conjunction with the LP entity chair.
  • During the LP Fall and Spring Meetings, the Fellow’s Selection Committee shall host a Fellows meeting. Fellows should discuss and confirm a specific substantive project at the LP Fall Meeting with at least one LP entity chair and their mentors.
  • File the required completed reimbursement forms and receipts as determined by LP policy. LP partial reimbursement policy for the LP Fall and Spring Meetings may vary, but generally, each includes a transportation allowance and a lodging and meals per diem.
  • If a Fellow is not already active in YLD, they are not required to become active, however, a Fellow should be active at the local, state, or specialty bar level, or through some other activity that will generate contacts for recruiting.
  • Contribute to the LP Fellows Report to the quarterly meetings of LP Council.
  • Commit to continued active involvement in LP after the Fellowship is complete.
  • Serve as a mentor to new LP Fellows and other new LP members.
  • Each Fellow will work with their mentor to develop a Work Plan regarding the way in which these goals will be achieved and such will be submitted to the mentor and Chair of the Fellow’s Selection Committee no later than the week prior to the LP Fall Meeting.
  • Fellows may amend their Work Plan as approved by their Mentor and the Fellow’s Selection Committee Chair.