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Lawyer Leadership Sample Repository

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The information contained in these forms is for informational and instructional purposes only and may or may not reflect most current legal and ethics developments; accordingly, information contained therein is not promised or guaranteed to be correct or complete and should not be relied upon as such. Users acknowledge through their access that the Rules of Professional Conduct and the organizational laws applicable in each State are different, and that each of these forms were created in a specific State, and it is therefore incumbent upon those who access any of these forms to modify the content for use in their law firm, consistent with applicable State law.

As law firm management and leadership practices must be tailored to specific circumstances, nothing provided in these resources should be used as a substitute for advice of competent counsel and thorough research of applicable law and rules of conduct. These resources do not constitute legal advice and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the ABA (American Bar Association) or the ABA Board of Governors. You acknowledge and agree the ABA shall not be liable to you or any other party for any act or failure to act relating thereto, in addition to the limitation of liability claims contained in the general terms of use of the ABA website.

This list was prepared by the Lawyer Leadership Resource Committee.

A. Law Firm Organization and Ownership

1. Partnership Agreements

2. Professional Corporation Bylaws

3. PLLC Operating Agreements

4. Owner Employment Agreements

5. Buy-In Promissory Note

6. Shareholder Agreement

7. Authorization to Sell Shares to New Shareholder

8. Affidavit of Lost Stock Certificate

9. Practice Group Organizational Outline

10. Web/Internet/Technology Usage Policy

11. COO Employment Agreement

12. Firm Hiring Process

13. Collections Process

14. Time and Billing Accountability Process

15. Sample Billing Policies

16. Sample Demand Letter for Payment

17. Strategic Opportunities Outline and Policy

18. Monthly Associate – Mentor Report Form

19. Contract with COO Consulting Company

20. Law Firm Leadership Nominations Structure

21. Management Committee Structural Outline

22. Succession Planning Committee Structure

23. Leadership Training Plan 

B. Sample Job Descriptions

1. Chair of Management Committee Description

2. Executive (Management Committee) Member

3. Practice Group Leader Description

4. COO Job Description

5. Billing Specialist Job Description

6. Firm Courier Job Description

7. Human Resources Manager Job Description

8. Information Systems Administrator Job Description

9. Information Systems Manager Job Description

10. Receptionist Job Description

11. Client Manager Duties

12. Librarian/File Custodian Job Description

13. Firm Administrator Job Description

C. Related Real Property LLC Organization

1. LLC Operating Agreement

2. LLC New Member Admission

3. Sample Lease between Practice and Real Property

D. Ethics

1. Joint Representation and Waiver of Conflict

2. Conflict Waiver and Existing Client Consent to Representation of Adverse Party on Unrelated Matter

3. Non-Engagement Letter

4. Non-Engagement Letter, Failure to Return Engagement Letter

5. Engagement Letter, Conflict Must Be Waived by Other Party Who is Concurrent Client on Unrelated Matters

6. Engagement Letter, Estate Planning Concurrent and Separate Representation

7. Engagement Letter, Standard Terms of Engagement Regarding Legal Representation and Fee Arrangement

8. Letter Confirming Non-Representation Estate Planning

9. General Satisfactory Conclusion of Representation

10. Termination of Representation, Due to Move to Another Law Firm

11. Termination of Representation Case Resolved, Settlement or Judgement

12. Termination of Representation, Upon Client Request Files Returned

13. Termination of Representation, Upon Request of Client No Documents

14. Termination of Litigation Representation, Non-Payment

15. Departing Lawyer, Joint Letter to Clients Re: Departure and Choice of Counsel

16. Departing Lawyer, Authorization to Transfer File

E. Evaluation Forms

1. Partner/Shareholder Self-Evaluation

2. Non-Shareholder/Non-Partner Self-Evaluation

3. Non-Shareholder/Non-Partner Evaluation Form

4. Non-Lawyer Evaluation Form

F. Attorney Advancement and Retirement

1. Criteria for Partnership Shareholder Status

2. Retirement Client Transition Plan

3. Parental Leave Policy

4. Associate Mentoring Report