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The Samuel S. Smith Award, the highest honor bestowed by the ABA Law Practice Division, recognizes an individual who has demonstrated outstanding lifetime achievement in the field of law practice management.

Each year a new recipient is chosen and presented the award at a reception during the ABA LP Annual Meeting. The award was established in 1999 on the occasion of the Division’s 25th Anniversary.

About Samuel S. Smith

Samuel S. Smith was a founding member of the ABA Law Practice Division (then known as the Economics of Law Practice Section). He served as Section Chair in 1979-80 and was one of the first Division members to hold an ABA-wide office, serving as Association Secretary.

Sam was a successful Miami practitioner and a nationally renowned speaker on law practice management topics. He contributed significantly to his community, especially in the wake of Hurricane Andrew, and was known for his devotion to his family.

Award Recipients

  • 2018 - Carol Fox Phillips, Culver City, CA
  • 2017 - Charles Coulter, Iowa City, IA 
  • 2016 – Arthur G. Greene, Bedford, NH
  • 2015 – Mark A. Robertson, Oklahoma City, OK
  • 2014 – Charles Robinson, Clearwater, FL
  • 2013 – Bill Gibson, Portland, OR
  • 2012 – Thomas C. Grella, Asheville, NC
  • 2011 – Gary A. Munneke, White Plains, NY
  • 2010 – Edward H. Flitton, Colorado Springs, CO
  • 2009 – Roberta Cooper Ramo, Albuquerque, NM
  • 2007 – Jay G. Foonberg, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2006 – Robert P. Wilkins, Lexington, SC
  • 2005 – Francis H. Musselman, Hammond, NY
  • 2004 – James E. Brill, Houston, TX
  • 2003 – Richard C. Reed, Bellevue, WA
  • 2002 – Warren Tomlinson, Vail, CO
  • 2001 – J. Harris, Morgan, Greenville, TX
  • 1999 – Samuel S. Smith, Miami, FL (Awarded Posthumously)