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Read workshop reports from the Standing Committee and from cosponsored events, or learn more about the national security law books available from the ABA Web Store.

Space Policy Workshops and Reports

Recent Cybersecurity Legislation

February 10, 2020 - Review the content of the recent and upcoming bills in the House and the Senate that address technology, cybersecurity, and election security.

US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

Learn about the Committee and stay up-to-date on Committee developments.

NPR Report- "How the U.S. Hacked ISIS"

This NPR report chronicles the 2016 mission to bring down ISIS media operations through a classified military cyberattack, and interviews top CYBERCOM officials about the plan

Careers in National Security Law Book

Read the Standing Committee on Law and National Security's career book, a valuable resource for law students and young lawyers.

Career Planning

Read interviews with practicing national security law attorneys, and learn about organizations and opportunities in the field.

IC Career Resources

Information about Legal Internships, Legal honors Programs and Employment Opportunities in the Intelligence Community

The National Security Law Report

Read back issues of the Committee newsletter "The National Security Law Report." From 1991 to 2011 the Report published information on committee conferences, national security updates and relevant legislation. View the full archives online.

A Letter from the ABA President about Civic Education

President Robert Carlson wrote to the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service to affirm the importance of civic education for the strength, resilience, and security of the nation.

Links of Interest

Learn more about national security resources on the Internet