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February 02, 2023

Ukraine Series: A New Era of Anti-Satellite Warfare with Dr. Brian Weeden

Episode 260

In Ukraine and around the world, satellites have become increasingly essential for military operations. Over 7,000 active satellites are currently in orbit, but how vulnerable are they to targeting and attack? This week host Elisa is joined by Dr. Brian Weeden of the Secure World Foundation to discuss the role satellites have played in Ukraine, in past conflicts, and how they've evolved to become a prime military vulnerability. How has Russia targeted satellites in order to gain ground in Ukraine? And how is the US strengthening satellite resilience for the future?

Dr. Brian Weeden is the Director of Program Planning for the secure World Foundation


"Working Smarter with America's Space Faring Allies." Workshop Report. American Bar Association, March 2020

Weeden, Brian, and Victoria Samson. Secure World Foundation, 2022, Global Counterspace Capabilities Report

To see the Standing Committee on Law and National Security's full list of space policy reports, visit our resources page

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