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October 17, 2023

Tracing Criminal Crypto with Andy Greenberg

Episode 297

Since its inception, cryptocurrency has fueled the growth of digital black markets, opening doors for criminal transactions while masking bad actor identities. But what if these currencies weren't so cryptic after all? This week host Elisa is joined by Andy Greenberg, senior writer for WIRED, to discuss his recent book, Tracers in the Dark, and his in-depth reporting on black market operations and their operators.

Andy Greenberg is a senior writer for WIRED, covering hacking, cybersecurity and surveillance


Greenberg, Andy. Tracers in the Dark: The Global Hunt for the Crime Lords of Cryptocurrency. Knopf Us, 2023

Greenberg, Andy. Sandworm: A New Era of Cyberwar and the Hunt for the Kremlin’s Most Dangerous Hackers. Doubleday, 2019

Greenberg, Andy. “Chinese Spies Infected Dozens of Networks with Thumb Drive Malware.” Wired, Conde Nast, 19 Sept. 2023

Greenberg, Andy. “China-Linked Hackers Breached a Power Grid-Again.” Wired, Conde Nast, 12 Sept. 2023

Greenberg, Andy. “The International Criminal Court Will Now Prosecute Cyberwar Crimes.” Wired, Conde Nast, 7 Sept. 2023

Greenberg, Andy. “How China Demands Tech Firms Reveal Hackable Flaws in Their Products.” Wired, Conde Nast, 6 Sept. 2023

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