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March 02, 2023

Tik Tok Series: To Fix or Flat Ban? with Glenn Gerstell

Episode 264

Tik Tok, the Chinese-owned social media platform, has taken the U.S. by storm with nearly two thirds of American teenagers currently active on the app. Through a national security lens, Tik Tok is a giant red flag – Congress is advancing legislation to enable a nationwide ban over growing data-privacy concerns. But would a flat ban actually hurt more than it helps? This week, host Elisa welcomes Glenn Gerstell, former General Counsel at the National Security Agency. Together they examine Tik Tok's business model, what user data the company collects, and why concerns over transparency are legitimate. What does Tik Tok know about us? Is it just government employees that should be concerned? And is a nationwide flat ban just a slippery slope for future social media legislation?

Glenn Gerstell is former General Counsel at the National Security Agency


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