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May 29, 2024

Security Lessons from Sci-Fi Worlds: Total Recall with Sunita Patel (Part 1)

Episode 325

Continuing our series on the intersection of sci-fi and national security, host Elisa is joined by Sunita Patel, Senior Assistant General Counsel for Product Security at Micron. Together they unpack the 1990's film, Total Recall, exploring themes of memory, identity, and reality. What can  sci-fi tales like Total Recall teach us about real "brain-computer" projects like Neuralink? And how could technologies like neuralink impact society in the future, to include on topics of national security, medical care, cybersecurity policymaking, and privacy?

Sunita Patel is the Senior Assistant General Counsel for Product Security at Micron:


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References to the movie Total Recall and novelette is based on We Can Remember It for You Wholesale