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November 17, 2021

National Security Tools to Fight Kleptocracy with Brian Egan

Episode 200

It’s our 200th episode! To celebrate we’ve invited back one of our very first guests to the podcast, Brian Egan. This week we’re discussing illicit finance, sanctions, and whether our methods of detecting and penalizing kleptocracy are up to par. How do kleptocrats hide their assets? What national security tools are currently at play? And how can sanctions be helpful or harmful in this process?

Brian Egan is a partner at Skadden

NSLT Ep. 158, “Kleptocracy and National Security with Tom Burgis”

United States v. Miller

ABA Afghanistan Response Project

Text of H.R. 5525: ENABLERS Act (Introduced version) -

Details for H.R. 402: CROOK Act -