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December 15, 2022

Iran Series: Information Control and Social Media Shutdowns with Shervin Taheran

Episode 254

The Islamic Republic has imposed a near total blockout of independent information coming out of the country. While protestors search for savvy workarounds, the regime only further cracks down with heightened censorship and surveillance. This week, host Elisa is joined by Shervin Taheran, JD Candidate at the Georgetown University Law Center. Through her research with Georgetown’s National Security Technology Incubator Project, she brings extensive analysis of the risks and effects of social media in Iran. How does the Islamic Republic treat and control information? What communication technologies are available to protestors, and are these methods aiding in their mission? 

Shervin Taheran is a JD Candidate at the Georgetown University Law Center and a Research Consortium member of the school's National Security Technology Incubator Project:


Sister of Iran’s Supreme Leader Calls for Overthrow of His ‘Despotic Caliphate’

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