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November 03, 2022

Iran Series: From Ally to Enemy with Brian Egan

Episode 249

Known as the biggest destabilizing force in the Middle East, this week we begin a multi-part series on the state of Iran. Host Elisa is joined by Brian Egan, Partner at Skadden, to discuss our complicated history with Iran, where it started, and where we stand today.

Brian Egan is a Partner at Skadden

Brian Egan will be leading a panel on Thursday morning, Nov. 17th, during our Annual Review Conference on “The Economic Tools of National Security.” The panel will also feature the Director of the Office of Foreign Asset Control, and the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Investment Security Operations, both at Treasury, the former Chief Counsel for the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and Temple University professor of law. Don’t miss the discussion!

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The Algiers Accords, 1981

E.O. 13224

The Patriot Act

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