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July 18, 2023

Espionage and Corruption: The Story of Gen. James Wilkerson with Howard W. Cox

Episode 283

Who's the highest ranking spy in U.S. history that nobody knows about? This week, host Elisa is joined by national security expert Howard W. Cox to discuss the themes and lessons from his book, American Traitor: General Wilkinson's Betrayal of the Republic and Escape from Justice. Together they dive into the notorious career of Gen. James Wilkinson, whose corruption and espionage exposed the United States to grave dangers during the early years of the republic.

Howard W. Cox is former trial attorney in the US Army JAG Corps, former staff counsel of the Senate Permanent Committee on Investigations, former federal prosecutor, and former assistant inspector general for investigations at the CIA


Cox, Howard W. American Traitor: General James Wilkinson’s Betrayal of the Republic and Escape from Justice. Georgetown University Press, 2023

The Insurrection Act

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