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July 14, 2022

Critical Issues on the Horizon with Gilman Louie

Episode 232

This week, Harvey Rishikof hosts Gilman Louie, a Partner at Alsop Louie and former CEO of In-Q-Tel. Together they discuss the latest cutting-edge technologies and how these innovations are changing the global dynamic. What is the current state of U.S. tech dominance in comparison to China? How can we better secure our vulnerable systems? And how are lawyers helping in this pursuit of innovation?

Gilman Louie is a Partner at Alsop Louie

Harvey Rishikof is a Director of Policy and Cyber Security Research and Visiting Research Professor at the University of Maryland

To hear the rest of this discussion, as well as other panels from the February 2022 CLE conference, visit our committee page:…ritical-issues/


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