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April 13, 2023

China Series: The Mutual Gains of Economic Giants with David Dollar

Episode 270

China is an engine for economic growth, and within the past few decades has expanded rapidly, lifting millions out of poverty and creating new opportunities for businesses around the world. As U.S.-China relations become more strained, does the potential for competition outweigh the benefits of cooperation? This week, host Elisa is joined by David Dollar, Senior Fellow and host of the "Dollar & Sense" podcast at the Brookings Institution, to discuss the strategic implications of China's rise, how it challenges U.S. dominance, and how we maintain our mutually beneficial relationship going forward.

David Dollar is Senior Fellow for Foreign Policy, Global Economy and Development at the John L. Thornton China Center at the Brookings Institution


Check out David's podcast, Dollar & Sense, which explores how our global trading system is built and its effect on our everyday lives

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