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July 11, 2023

AI Revolution: Risks and Regulations for Generative AI with Matthew Ferraro

Episode 282

If the runaway success of tools like ChatGPT have taught us anything, it's that the world is ready to embrace AI. But are the policies and regulations ready to tackle the risks? Continuing our series on generative AI, this week host Elisa is joined by Matthew Ferraro, emerging technology expert and Counsel at Wilmer Hale. Matthew dives in, demystifying the terminology surrounding these tools while delving into the laws and notable cases that may shape the future of AI policy in the U.S.

Matthew Ferraro is Counsel at Wilmer Hale


S.1356, ASSESS AI Act

S.1671, Digital Platform Commission Act of 2023

National Defense Authorization Act for 2021

H.R.4521, America COMPETES Act

National Institute for Standards and Technology Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Framework

Young v. NeoCortex

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

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