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February 23, 2023

A New Era of Social Media Regulation with Joshua Tucker

Episode 263

In the absence of regulation, we are ultimately at the mercy of social media platforms and their algorithms. This week, host Elisa welcomes Joshua Tucker, Professor of Politics at NYU, to discuss his extensive research on American elections, including voter influence through social media and how broad public opinions are formed on and off these platforms. How do you go about accessing this kind of data from platforms like Twitter, Facebook and TikTok? Does Youtube's algorithm push people towards extreme content? And how can we better regulate TikTok in particular, a Chinese controlled platform that's gained huge popularity in the U.S.?

Joshua Tucker is Professor of Politics at New York University, Director of the Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia, Co-Director NYU Center for Social Media and Politics(CSMaP):


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For a full list of Joshua Tucker's recent research, articles and book references

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