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Annual Conference

29th Annual Review Conference CLE

CLE materials for the 29th Review of the Field of National Security Law Conference November 7-8, 2019

Panel I - National Security and Legal Implications of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies

Panel II – Legal Lessons Learned in Recent Armed Conflicts

Panel III – Legal and Policy Responses to the Weaponization of Social Media

Panel IV – Presidential Emergency Powers and Militarization of the Border

Panel V – Emerging Technology, Emerging Ethics: National Security Lawyering and the Coming AI Revolution

Panel VI – The Future of National Security Law: A Live Recording of the National Security Law Podcast and National Security Law Today

Panel VII – Ethical Challenges of the National Security Lawyer

Panel VIII – Needed Reform or Constitutional Minefield? Proposals to Create a Federal Crime of Domestic Terrorism

Panel IX – The Role of the Courts in National Security

Panel X – Persistent Engagement: The New Cyber Command Policy for Defense