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Panel II

Legal Issues of Future War

Moderator: Maj. Gen. Charles J. Dunlap, Jr. (USAF ret.); Panelists: Laurie Blank, Rosa Brooks, Nita Farahany, Colonel David E. Graham (USA ret.)


National Security: A Judicial Roundup

Moderator: William Banks; Panelists: Erin Murphy, Derek Shaffer

Panel III

Legal Issues in the South China Sea Controversy

Moderator: John Norton Moore; Panelists: Peter Dutton, Nong Hong, James Kraska, Paul Reichler, Capt. J. Ashley Roach (USN ret.)

Panel IV

National Security Ethical Challenges and Model Rules

James E. Baker, Lala R. Qadir, Harvey Rishikof

Panel V

Emerging Technology and Executive Order 12333

Moderator: Mary Ellen Callahan; Panelists: Lara Flint, Nancy Fortenberry, Elisa Massimino, David Medine, Corin Stone


The State of Play: Retooling Uncle Sam Since 9/11

Moderator: Joel Brenner; Panelists: The Honorable Stevan Bunnell, The Honorable John Carlin

Panel VI

Domestic Drones

Moderator: Laura K. Donohue; Panelists: General Randolph D. Alles (USMC ret.), Lisa Ellman, Alan Frazier, Reginald C. "Reggie" Govan, Colonel Dawn Zoldi (USAF)

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Panel VII

The Future of Nuclear Non-Proliferation

Moderator: David Koplow; Panelists: The Honorable Thomas M. Countryman, Michaela Dodge, David Jonas, Seyed Hossein Mousavian