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Panel I

Executive Updates on Developments in National Security Law

Moderator: Harvey Rishikof; Discussants: Brad Wiegmann, Raj De, Robert Eatinger, BG Richard C. Gross, Robert Litt and Robert Taylor

As Prepared Remarks of Robert Litt

Privacy, Technology and National Security: An Overview of Intelligence Collection

Panel II

Legislative Updates on Developments in National Security Law

Moderator: Ben Powell; Discussants: Darren Dick, David Grannis, Jack Livingston and Daniel Silverberg

Keynote Discussion

Critical National Security Cases to Watch

Moderator: William Banks; Discussants: Miguel Estrada and Pratik Shah

Panel III

Do We Need a New AUMF?

Moderator: Charlie Dunlap; Discussants: Curtis Bradley, Jennifer Daskal, Deborah Pearlstein and Stephen Vladeck

Panel IV

International Organized Crime and National Security

Moderator: John Norton Moore; Discussants: Spike Bowman, Tom Fuentes, Douglass Maynard and Luz Nagle

Panel V

Cybersecurity: Future Challenges

Moderator: Mary DeRosa; Discussants: Leonard Bailey, Steven Chabinsky, Laura Donohue, James Lewis and Daniel Sutherland

Keynote Address

National Security Law as a Practice Area

Jeffrey H. Smith

Panel VI

Ethical Issues Facing Lawyers Practicing National Security Law

Moderator: Al Harvey; Discussants: Honorable James Baker and Col. J.P. "Dutch" Bialke