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Conference Overview and Welcome

Harvey Rishikof, Laurel Bellows

Panel I

Role of the Courts in National Security Law: Past, Present and Future

Moderator: William C. Banks; Discussants: Robert Chesney, Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, Deborah Pearlstein and Judge James Robertson (Ret.)

Panel II

Intelligence Law Developments

Moderator: George Jameson; Discussants: Eliana Davidson, Chris Donesa, Christine Healey, Robert Litt and Stephen Preston

Luncheon Keynote Address

How Today’s Cybersecurity Problems are Reshaping National Security Law

Steven R. Chabinsky

Panel III

Emerging Technologies

Moderator: Viet Dinh; Discussants: David Cole, Lisa Monaco, Robert O’Harrow and Wyndee Parker

Dinner Keynote Address

Dinner Keynote Address

The Honorable William H. Webster

Panel IV

National Security and International Law

Moderator: Robert F. Turner; Discussants: Jeremy Rabkin, Nicholas Rostow and Ruth Wedgwood

Panel V

The Law of Armed Conflict: Past, Present and Future

Moderator: The Honorable Scott L. Silliman; Discussants: Laurie Blank, David E. Graham, Hays Parks and Sean Watts

Luncheon Keynote Address

Newfangled Checks on Executive Power

Neal K. Katyal

Panel VI

Human Rights and National Security Law Issues

Moderator: Stephen I. Vladeck; Discussants: Col. Richard B. Jackson (Ret.), Martin S. Lederman, Neomi Rao and Hina Shamsi

Panel VII

Ethical Dilemmas Facing Lawyers Practicing National Security Law (Government and Private Practice)

Moderator: Maj. Gen. Charles J. Dunlap, Jr., USAF (Ret.); Discussants: Judge James E. Baker and Kathleen Clark