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January 23, 2023

International Rights of Older Persons

Commission Resources

  • ABA Policy 106C (2011) urging support of the ongoing processes at the United Nations and the Organization of American States to strengthen protection of the rights of older persons, including the efforts and consultations towards an international and regional human rights instrument on the rights of older persons.
  • ABA Policy 112 (2018)  supports the Inter-American Convention in principle and urges the U.N. to move forward toward drafting a convention on the rights of older persons.
  • Final Draft Inter-American Convention on Protection of the Human Rights of Older Persons (adopted June 2015)

Key Web Links

Global Alliance to Strengthen the Rights of Older People
Includes “why we need a convention,” information about the UN Open Ended Working Group Meetings, and useful links to other materials.

HelpAge International
Contains information about HAI’s work toward a human rights convention.

U.N.’s Ageing Social Policy and Development Division

General information about UN’s work on ageing

U.N. Open Ended Working Group on Ageing   established by the U.N. in 2010 to consider the existing international framework of the human rights of older persons and identify possible gaps and how best to address them, including by considering, as appropriate, the feasibility of further instruments and measures.


The Human Rights of Older Persons Take a Step Forward by Charlie Sabatino, Bifocal, Vol. 39, No. 1. (2017)

Attention All Non-Profit Groups in Aging: Come to the United Nations, by Charlie Sabatino, Bifocal, Vol. 38, No. 4. (2017)

Additional archived articles on International Rights of Older Persons are available upon request

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