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The Perfect “just-in-case” App!

One of the biggest problems we all experience in making decisions for loved ones is that needed information is not in our hands when needed - at the right time and at the right place. This smartphone app solves that problem. Available for iPhones and Android phones at $4.99 per year for ABA Members ($7.99 for non-members) through Member Advantage.

Access to Critical Information 24/7

With this app individuals can store on their smartphones their health care advance directives along with other key medical information-- such as medications, physician contacts, insurance information, medical notes, and any other material important to them. Loved ones whom the individual chooses can carry the same information on their phones. They don’t have to hunt for the information in their files or sign on to a web page to get it. There is no limit to the number of profiles that can be stored. Individuals and their loved ones will have immediate access to all the information if an event occurs when that information is needed, so that they can view it, email it, or fax it to whomever or wherever it is needed.

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Free for ABA Employees

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For a link to receive a FREE one year subscription to MYLO, contact Trisha Bullock at the Commission on Law and Aging. [email protected]

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