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October 01, 2016

American Bar Endowment Opportunity Grants Program

(The pdf for the issue in which this article appears is available for download at: Bifocal, Vol. 38, Issue 1.)

The American Bar Endowment (ABE) has adopted an Opportunity Grants Program, to support smaller, innovative programs and projects by eligible grantees that fit within the mission of the ABE. The ABE is prepared to award up to $200,000 in one or more grants. The Opportunity Grant is intended to be a one-time award to start or enhance a program of law-related research, education, or public service projects. The ABE will consider grant applications from 501(c)(3) entities for projects that meet the focus requirements set out in the Program Goal. It is expected that a program or project receiving an Opportunity Grant will become self-sustaining. The application process is streamlined to encourage proposals from a broad range of organizations.

Program Goal

The goal of the Opportunity Grants program is to assist eligible grantees in the development or enhancement of innovative programs and projects that address issues of immediate and critical interest to the public and members of the legal profession. Examples of areas of focus include: rule of law initiatives, access to justice initiatives, civics education on the American legal/justice system, and legal services initiatives.

ABE Contact

To obtain an application form, visit: Additional guidance may be requested from the ABE at:

American Bar Endowment
321 North Clark Street, 14th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60654-7648
Attention: Opportunity Grants
800-621-8981, ext. 6408 or 312-988-6408
[email protected]

Grant applications must be submitted to the ABE by November 30, 2016, for consideration. To learn more, visit