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February 01, 2015

Commission's Spring Extern

(Note: The pdf for the issue in which this article appears is available for download: Bifocal, Vol. 36, Issue 3.)


Caroleigh Newman is a third-year law student at George Mason University School of Law. Ms. Newman received her B.A. in history and political science with honors from Bridgewater College. After her first year of law school, Ms. Newman was an intern for the Virginia Office of the Attorney General. There she worked with the Victim Notification Program to update victims of case proceedings. She recently interned with a small law firm in Fairfax, Virginia, where she worked on matters pending litigation.

This spring Ms. Newman is working with Commission Director Charlie Sabatino. She is currently researching the Department of Labor’s amended “companionship rule.” After graduation, Ms. Newman hopes to find work in public interest law. ■