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Vol. 36, Issue 1 (September - October 2014)

Volume 36 Issue 1   September 2014



POLST Legislative Comparison and Update

All too often the end of life care wishes of a person in good health differ drastically from those facing a terminal illness. POLST (Physician Ordered Life-Sustaining Treatment) is a highly effective option for conveying the fluidity of one’s end of life care wishes and goals for persons with advanced, progressive illness. The essence of POLST is to translate patients’ goals for end-of-life care in to medical orders that are placed into the patients’ medical records, which is tremendously beneficial.



A Closer Look: Understanding Conflict of Interest in Case Management Services

As we gear up for the second year of Affordable Care Act (ACA) enrollment, it is easy to overlook the law’s quiet transformation of the long-term services and supports (LTSS) delivery system. LTSS are services and supports that help older adults and individuals with disabilities with activities of daily living. In 2015, several states will finalize significant structural changes to their Medicaid long-term care programs. Part of the structural change is an enhanced focus in all states on eliminating conflict of interest from case management services.


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