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July 01, 2013

World Congress on Adult Guardianship

Save the Date!

The 3rd World Congress on Adult Guardianship will be convened on May 28–30, 2014, in the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area.  It is sponsored by the National Guardianship Network in affiliation with the International Guardianship Network.  The theme of the conference is “Promising Practices to Ensure Excellence in Guardianship Around the World.”  For more information, see

The World Congress on Adult Guardianship is an unparalleled international gathering of guardianship advocates to examine problems from new perspectives and offer solutions from multiple viewpoints and cultures. Each World Congress offers opportunities to learn and collaborate by bringing together those involved in adult guardianship, as well as aging, disability, and elder rights from around the globe. All participants bring a commitment to examine the best ways to shape guardianship systems so that they consistently treat vulnerable populations with dignity and respect.

Approximately 400 delegates, including academics, attorneys, court officials, judges, disability advocates, government officials, guardians, and fiduciaries from 20 countries have participated in previous Congresses.