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July 01, 2013

AoA Funding for New Model Approaches

David M. Godfrey

The Administration on Aging has announced funding of 11 new Model Approaches to Statewide Legal Assistance Systems (Model Approaches) projects to “help states develop and implement cost-effective, replicable approaches for integrating low cost service mechanisms into the broader tapestry of state legal service delivery networks.” This continues work begun in 2006. To date, 31 jurisdictions have been funded to complete Model Approaches projects. Fundamental work under the projects include: assessing the legal needs of older clients, assessing legal service delivery systems capacity, development of statewide service delivery standards, examination of priority legal issues, and developing linkages with the full spectrum of aging services providers.

Funding has been awarded to Oklahoma, Oregon, Montana, and Washington to begin Model Approaches projects.

For the first time, funding has also been awarded to continue, enhance, and expand the work of previous Model Approaches projects. These projects are now known as Model Approaches Phase 2. The Model Approaches Phase 2 awardees are California, District of Columbia, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, Idaho, and Maine.

Congratulations to the 11 new awardees. We look forward to working with these projects through the Commission on Law and Aging’s partnership with the National Legal Resource Center. Competition for this funding was fierce for the limited number of awards available. Additional rounds of funding are anticipated.

More information is available on the Administration on Aging’s website: (link no longer available)

David M. Godfrey

About the Author: David M. Godfrey is a Senior Attorney at the ABA Commission on Law and Aging.