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June 01, 2013

Updated State Emeritus Pro Bono Practice Rules

An updated chart containing essential details of current Emeritus Pro Bono Practice rules is now available on the Commission website. These rules encourage retired and inactive attorneys to volunteer to provide pro bono assistance to clients unable to pay for essential legal representation. At last count, 37 jurisdictions have adopted emeritus pro bono rules waiving some of the normal licensing requirement for attorneys agreeing to limit their practice to volunteer service. The Commission has tracked the development of and provided technical advice on these rules for 30 years, and continues to encourage states to adopt rules that make it easier to volunteer for pro bono service.

For more information, see:

  • No Longer on Their Own: Using Emeritus Attorney Pro Bono Programs to Meet Unmet Civil Legal Needs
  • Emeritus Attorney Programs: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Those with questions about the chart may contact the Commission’s Senior Attorney David Godfrey at [email protected].