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September 01, 2012

Inside the Commission


The ABA’s Center for Professional Development is recognizing the Commission’s Senior Attorney David Godfrey as a “Stellar Member” at their appreciation event for the Center’s partner members, staff, and entities on November 30. The “Stellar Member” award honors a staff person outside the Center who made outstanding efforts to support CLE initiatives.


The Commission welcomes Andrea Amato as its new staff Editor. Andrea previously worked on publications and meeting materials for the ABA’s Section of Taxation.


The Commission has been fortunate to have two George Washington University Law School externs this Fall. Both are second year students and both are receiving law school credit for their work.

Kristen Zearfoss has been assisting Commission attorneys with background material for development of a guide for lay fiduciaries (such as conservators, agents under powers of attorney, trustees or representative payees), as well as updating information on state bar “emeritus attorney” rules.

Yanqing (Kelly) Zeng has been updating information on state POLST programs—“physicians orders for life sustaining treatment.” The Commission hopes to have Spring externs, as well as Summer interns, and greatly values the help it gets from students!