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September 20, 2021

Guardianship: A Family Perspective... We Want to Hear Your Story

Elizabeth Moran

The PDF in which this article appears can be dowloaded here: Bifocal Vol. 43 Issue 1.

The subject of guardianship continues to make the national news headlines and garner the attention of law and policymakers.  As the ABA Commission on Law and Aging (COLA) continues its advocacy efforts towards federal funding of an Adult Guardianship Court Improvement Program and considers the 22  Recommendations to improve and reform the adult guardianship system in the United States that resulted from the Fourth National Guardianship Summit (May 2021), we seek to amplify and include the perspectives of family members. 

For consideration in a publication of short stories on guardianship to be featured in BiFocal’s November/December 2021 issue, you are invited to share your story on guardianship from a family member’s perspective, to include both successes and struggles for justice on behalf of a loved one under guardianship.

The ABA Commission on Law and Aging (COLA) respects and aims to include a diversity of short stories, experiences, and perspectives, but we are not publishing editorials or policy analyses.  The stories should speak for themselves. Please limit your story to 500-1000 words and submit in Word format to [email protected] with “Guardianship: A Family Perspective” in the subject line. To allow time for review and selection, the deadline for submission is October 31, 2021.

Our community’s collective stories give context to the complexities of guardianship, and have the power to change hearts, minds, and the potential to change the course of guardianship history. These stories help shape our understanding and perceptions of guardianship and provide a collective message: a demand for maximizing autonomy, ensuring accountability, limiting the use of guardianship, and enhancing rights of persons subject to guardianship.

Stories provide context. Words have power.

We want to help you share them.


E-mail: [email protected]

Subject Line: Guardianship: A Family Perspective

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