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July 14, 2019

Resources Corner

(The pdf for the issue in which this article appears is available for download: Bifocal, Vol. 40, Issue 6.)

Resources Roundup 

The Commission on Law and Aging has created valuable resources to help you in your work. Check out these popular guides:

Updated! Adult Guardian Handbooks by State. This newly revised list (as of June 2019) includes state guides for adult guardians concerning the adult guardianship process and duties for both guardians of people and guardians of property (also called conservators). The guides are by state bar associations, state courts, state agencies, universities, guardianship associations and others.

New! Our Elder Abuse Fatality Review Team webpage features background information, a list of existing teams, relevant ABA policy, and resources including the original and updated replication manual, team accomplishments, and more.

Understanding the Four C’s of Elder Law Ethics. This consumer-friendly brochure helps family members understand the relationship between a lawyer and an older client.

Pathways to Healthcare Decision-Making. Six pathways to consider in making healthcare choices.

The Lawyer's Advance Directive Counseling Guide. Advice to assist lawyers and health care professionals in formulating clear and effective end-of-life health decision plans.

Making Medical Decisions for Someone Else (proxy guide). This handbook describes what it’s like to be a healthcare proxy, how to make the hard decisions, and where to get help.

The Commission on Law and Aging website has more resources, tools, events, and other material to keep you informed.